Prevent and Cure Swimmers Ear

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It is irritable and itchy and can become red and inflamed. When left untreated it can lead to a serious ear infection. Here are some tips on how to avoid and treat this annoying and sometimes dangerous ailment.

Do not clean all of the earwax out of your ears. They need some for protection.

Use Vaseline to keep your ears moist if they are too clean. Put some on a cotton swab and gently swirl around the outer ear canal.

Swim on the surface of the water. Less water will flow in the ear.

Wear ear plugs if this is a common occurrence.

Put alcohol on a cotton swab and gently clean the outer ear canal. Some over the counter eardrops will help clear up bacterial infection as well.

Acetaminophen will help with pain.

When you get out of the pool or other wet environment, use a blow dryer to dry your ears.

Use white vinegar and water in a half and half solution for homemade eardrops.

Use a heating pad on your ears. Set it on low and lay it around the back of your head to cup your ears. It will soothe the pain.

Try to swim in areas with less bacteria. Lakes are sometimes loaded with bacteria. Pools should be chlorinated and have a filtration system.

These techniques can be used to prevent a more serious ear infection that may require medical treatment. Be sure to seek medical attention if there is severe pain or a serious discharge.


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