Country Loving Chapter 2

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Pulling into the parking lot at the motel the clock on the radio read 10 p.m. Cheryl nudged Terri.

“We’re at the motel. Are you going to get out?”


Cheryl opened her door and closed it. She went back to get their bags from the trunk. Terri slammed the car door shut. Cheryl winced. Is she still made at me she thought. Taking her bag from Cheryl Terri walked into the motel. As a soft thank you escaped Terri’s lips. Cheryl followed. At the desk stood the clerk. He was already talking to Terri. Cheryl came up beside her. Terri looked at her.

“There’s only one room left but there’s a single bed. Do you still want to take it?”

“Yes we have no choice.”

“I guess that we’ll take the room.”

The clerk handed Terri the keys.

“Here you go. Enjoy your stay.”

“I doubt I’ll enjoy spending time with the city sleeker.”

“Like I’m going to enjoy it either.”

The clerk just shook his head. Riding up in the elevator they both remained quiet. Terri stared at the numbers. Cheryl looked at Terri and quickly back at the floor. She didn’t mean to make Terri mad. She didn’t know she was a lesbian. She felt so bad. The elevators doors finally opened and both stepped out. Terri walked down the hall to 5 C. She used the key and opened the door.

“What the hell?”

Cheryl came in behind her. Staring she saw hearts, candles, fake flowers, and a jacuzzi.

“We I believe got a honeymoon suite.”

“That’s it I’m going to go down there to kick that chewing tobacco bitchs ass.”

Cheryl stood in front of the door blocking Terri.

“I’m not going to let you do that”

“Why the hell not?”

“Because we need to talk.”

“What is there to talk bout?”

“Come on Terri you know what about.”

“So what if I do. I still might not want to talk about it.”

“Well we are going to whether you like it or not.”

Cheryl grabbed Terri’s hand and led her to the bed. Terri felt the warmth just run threw her body. What was it about this woman that had Terri memeroized. Sitting on the bed Cheryl looked into Terri’s green eyes.

“I didn’t mean to offend you in the car about the whole cowboy thing. I just didn’t think about it. See I have been with only one woman in my life. When she left I was crshed. I dated men and never really settled down. I hope you can forgive me.

Terri sat there taking in what she had said. Then spoke, “I should never gotten mad at ya. I wrote countless letters to my father that I was a lesbian and I recieved a letter back. I still have it. He couldn’t handle the fact. Which is why I didn’t want to tell you that. I didn’t know how you would handle me being a lesbian. Then when you said about the whole cowboy thing, I went off because I thought about my father and what he wrote. So I guess I should be sorry.”

“But I was the one to trigger the memory.”

“Cheryl I do forgive you.”

Terri’s eys glistened with nothing Cheryl had seen before. Cheryl began to get up but Terri stopped her. Terri looked at her. The look still was there in Terri’s eyes. Terri moved slowly in for a kiss. Cheryl knew it was coming but couldn’t turn away. She let Terri kiss her. She was curious to see what it was like. Sparks flew. The kiss was soft, sweet, and innocent. Terri pulled away slowly. She slowly opened her eyes to see that Cheryl’s remained closed. As quickly as it happened it passed. Cheryl opened her eyes and looked at Terri.

“Cheryl I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me.”

“Terri don’t be sorry.”

Grabbing her hand Cheryl pulled Terri in closer.

“No man has ever kissed me like that. My first girlfriend was unable to stir the feelings inside of me that you just did.”

Cheryl’s cheeks flustered with a red color. Terri kissed her again but this time it lasted longer. Cheryl had to break the kiss. She liked it but she barely knew anything about Terri. She didn’t want it to go to far. They were trying to build up something here. What it was Cheryl didn’t know but she couldn’t jeoporadize it.

“Terri we need to take this slow.”

“I’m sorry Cheryl. I know but my feelings that I have for you.”

“Terri those feelings we can explore but we need sleep and we got to get to know each other better.”

Cheryl went into the bathroom to change after she got done speaking. She couldn’t stop thinking about the kiss and what this means for the two of them. She got done and let Terri go. While Terri was in the bathroom she thought of ways to make the arrangement work. Terri came out and climbed into bed next to Cheryl. Kissing her good night she rolled over and went to sleep. As Cheryl laid there thnking.


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