Training your Dog to Obey Your Commands

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The great thing about canines is that they are loyal to their owners and house hold. With this in mind you will be able to see how teaching them to obey the commands that you give them isn’t as hard as it may seem. In training them I recommend to use one or two sylsyllable words that are easier to remember than a whole sentence, these are words such as, “sit”, “stay”, “lay down”, etc.

I’ve also trained my dog to back away from the door when I’m opening it by saying, “back” in a loud and clear voice while moving it back from the door. She has been able to relate the movement of backing away to the word back and is now able to do it on her own.

That’s pretty much the kind of method that has worked for me, here is how it’s done.

Have the bag or box of awesomely good treats with you as you begin the process. Give your dog the command in a loud and clear voice. The first time around your dog may have no clue what you’re talking about, that’s when you’ll need to demonstrate the movement for them, for example: if you want your dog to sit, say the word and then gently push it’s bottom toward the ground. When it’s in that position, that’s when you can hand over the treat. Make sure to pet your dog and say, “good girl”, or “good boy” so that they know they’ve done something good.

You may need to demonstrate the movement with your dog a few more times before it will be able to do it on its own. Also, when giving the treat make sure to feed the dog directly from your hand, this creates an idea for the dog to know that you are the boss, the one feeding and taking care of it, so listening to your commands is a good and rewarding thing.

Good Luck!


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