Look Younger by Eating Right

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Do you wonder how movie personalities and celebrities keep their youthful appearnance? Sure, plastic surgery accounts for some of it, but many of them eat  foods that help them to stay younger and healthier. By giving your body the proper nutrients from the inside out your vital organs, the largest of them being your skin, will benefit significantly from the right minerals and vitamins. Recent studies have shown that many of the suggestions listed below will reduce the harmful effects of UV rays, and help keep the skin young and supple. Your hair and nails will also be strong and shiny. Even your teeth will benefit. Read on for some nutritional suggestions.

Eat more vegetables, beans, olive oil, nuts and multigrain bread

Eat less red meat, butter, and foods with sugar.

Take a multivitamin that contains A, C and E as well as the minerals selenium and zinc. This combination has been shown to help reduce the ageing effects of exposure to UV rays.

Eat a diet that has a high level of cartenoids if you are light skinned. These are apricots, cantaloupe, sweet potatoes, carrots and spinach. Any fruits or veggies with deep green, red, and yellow coloration can help protect the skin. This has been shown to protect from UV and make the skin have a nice coloring.


Using antioxidants that contain botanicals is also showing increased effectiveness in slowing the ageing process. It helps protect the cells in the skin from UB.

Water is vital to the body. It will help protect all organs, including skin, from the effects of free radicals.

Foods that have vitamins lean proteins, and essential fatty acids as well as vitamins A and C and zinc help reduce wrinkling of the skin.

When eating fruits and veggies, leave the skin on as much as possible (wash well) lightly cooked or raw to obtain more nutrients.

Stay away from simple or high glycemic-index carbs that are usually high in sugar and low in vitamin and mineral content. These include enriched bread or flour products, processed and refined foods, candy, and soft drinks. These are often nutrient poor and high in sugar.

Eat whole grain cereals and breads or nuts and beans that Include complex or low-glycemic index carbohydrates.

By using all of these ideas, you will maintain a more youthful appearance for a lifetime.


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