Look Ten Years Younger

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  • The number one thing that ages people is their hairstyle. If you want to look younger, keep up with the trends. Do not get stuck in a style you have been wearing for years. Buy a hairstyle book and take it to your stylist. 

  • If your stylist is old fashioned get a new one. Look at the current actors or actresses. They are most often up to date, and you can follow their style, but modify it to make it your own. 

  • Color your hair. Get a beautiful color that works with your skin tone, and add some highlights or lowlights if blonde to give it depth. 

  • Gold tones are great for adding color. Do not be afraid of red. Red and gold are the colors of youth and vitality. 

  • Keep the hair and makeup effects natural. That means to color the hair and use makeup, but go for a natural effect. 

  • Makeup should be light and airy. Go for a light moisturizing, hydrating skin brightener for a base. Follow with a light powder and then brush on a small amount of pinkish blush on the cheeks. 

  • Eye tones should be neutral and soft. 

  • Buy a lipstick that makes teeth appear whiter. Whiter teeth make you look younger. 

  • Keep your lips moist and glossed. Wrinkled lips are a dead giveaway. 

  • Speaking of whiter teeth, get a tooth whitener, or go to the dentist and have it done. This takes years off instantly.

  • If you can get a moisturizing facial once a week, do so. If not, try to go once a month. The manipulations are great for the skin tone. If you cannot afford this, then do an at home facial using a honey mask. (Read my honey mask article). 

  • Keep your nails done, but keep them light. It is youthful to have a natural effect. 

  • Keep your hands moisturized at all times. Dry hands are a dead age giveaway. 

  • Fashion is the number two biggest mistake people make. If you want to appear younger, you have to dress young. 

  • Look at the mannequins in the store. Do not go to the old lady or man department. Stay in the juniors. 

  • Look in current magazines and see what people are wearing. Tear out fashions you think are youthful and that you can wear. Even if you do not think you can wear it, try it on. Youth is all about trying new things, taking chances and being spontaneous.

  • Listen to new music. Do not get stuck in the old stuff. Try to listen to at least a couple of new songs every week. This will help you stay current. A young attitude is very important to looking young.

  • Try new things. Get involved in a sport, or take a class. This will help particularly if you are involved with younger people.

  • Learn some young terms. Listen to how younger people speak. Pick up some new language. If you can speak and understand younger people, you will appear younger.

  • Smile a lot. Young people have bright eyes and bright smiles. When you smile it can take years off instantly.  

  • Take multivitamins for vitality and health.

  • If eyes are bloodshot use a product like Visine. Just do not use everyday. Red eyes are aging.

By combining all of these tips you can easily appear ten years younger than your actual age.


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