How to Quit Drinking on Your Own

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There are some people who are unable to stop drinking without professional help, or the assistance of a program like alcoholics anonymous. There are others who can achieve this on their own through some basic behavior training. Here are some tips to help you quit by yourself.

If you stop by the store to buy alcohol on your way home from work, break this habit. For some people once they get home, they are content and will not go back out. Buy all of your grocery needs at one time to eliminate the need to stop at a store.

Go to places where you cannot drink, like the movies, ice skating or church. There are many things you can do that do not involve alcohol consumption.

Start chewing gum, eating mints, small candies or anything else to keep your mouth busy at night. It is like quitting smoking, you need to replace the habit with something.

Start working out. Go to the gym after work, or just go home and work out to a tape.

Do not hang out with people who drink for at least a year. You can talk on the phone, but do not go around them while they are drinking. I know it can end friendships, but if they really love you, they will support you.

Do not go into bars for a year or more. If you are single, try online dating or coffee shops. It is imperative you stay away from places where people are drinking for awhile.

As for dating, you should not be in a serious relationship for awhile anyway, unless you are already in one. If you are in a volatile, relationship, I am sorry, but get out. It will only cause you to become emotional which will lead to drinking.

Eat lots of fruit and other items containing fructose.

If you have absolutely stopped drinking, there are some new drugs that will help stop the craving or cause adverse reaction when you drink.

Antabuse is used to cause you to suffer if you drink. It will cause you to be severely ill if you drink. Naltrexone blocks the high people get from alcohol and Acamprosate helps you to feel better as you quit drinking by reducing the physical effects associated with withdrawal symptoms.

Get in touch with why you drink. Try to identify what makes the urge appear, and avoid those situations as much as possible.

Forgive yourself and apologize to those you have offended. It will take the burden of guilt from you and make it less likely you will try to drown your sorrows.

Take it day by day and week by week. Do not tell yourself you can never drink again. Just realize this is the choice you have made for right now because it is causing problems in your life.

Take vitamin supplements. Your body may be severely depleted. B vitamins in particular will help with stress.

If you suffer from tremors, seizures or other severe symptoms when you attempt to quit drinking, this indicates a severe problem See a doctor immediately.

See a doctor before attempting to give up alcohol.


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