How to Be Happy Alone

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Not only is it ok, it can be a lot of fun. You can learn to love your alone time. It is not always necessary to be in a relationship to be happy. Here are ideas to take advantage of this time in your life.

This is a great time to be a better you. Go back to school; learn something new that you have always wanted to know. You have the time. Invest it in yourself.

Take great care of yourself. Use that extra time when you are not taking care of someone else to indulge yourself. Do full body mud masks, manicures, pedicures, bubble baths or anything else where you can pamper yourself.

Listen to music, dance around the house, and sing out loud. You can make a complete fool of yourself and no-one knows. It is great!

Learn how to salsa or ballroom dance. It gives you a chance to get close, but not too intimate.

Get involved in a singles adventure club. They go and do different adventurous activities without any pressure on hooking up. It puts you in touch with people who are enjoying their alone time as well.

Get a bike or motorcycle. Learn to ride. Take long rides and enjoy yourself.

Take your girl/guy friends on a fun vacation.

Get an IPOD or MP3 and listen to your favorite music often.

This is the perfect time to join a gym.

Go do karaoke. It is fun and playful and gets you out and about.

Go to dance clubs and use your newly learned dance skills.

Learn to cook or bake some really detailed recipes. Have fun!

Read books, relax, and take an art class. These are all activities that feed the mind.

Get to know yourself. Learn about your astrological sign, investigate your personality type. All of these things will be helpful with self growth.

Keep it light and fun. Do not rush back into a relationship. Sometimes the best times are when we are by ourselves. You can be your own best company. Try it! You might find you like it!


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