The Beach Boy Industry

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It is not ad hoc. Specifics might be uncertain, but the
Beach Boy Industry operates on the islands of the
Caribbean as prevalent as Car Rental agencies.

A large number of female tourists come armed with the
names of popular gigolos, and know exactly where to go.

Barbados was the first island which actually understood
the Industry.

Polite, decent appearing quiet men, lurk around Hotels.
By quiet agreement do not enter the premises, save
in the company of a Tourist.

As they maintain a certain decorum, there was never
reason to employ security guards or interfere in the
‘natural’ sequence of events.

Women arrive at Accra Beach Hotel, take the brilliantly
coloured towels, go to the southern section, far from
the hotel’s terrace, and wait.

In a few minutes a polite young man will approach, speaking
gently and flatteringly. If the female is not interested, he
moves on. Shortly after another might pass with a friendly

Once the ‘goose’ shows interest, he is set. His meals,
entertainment, even his wardrobe taken care of for the
length of her stay.

(Goose is the generic name for a white female tourist
who supports a Beach Bum)

Whether the Goose is young or old, fat or slim, the
Beach Boy will be devoted to her until she leaves.
This is what is expected, this is what she pays for.

In Jamaica, the Rent-a-Dread Industry was born
with Sunsplash.

During the days of the festival, booths would be rented
to up to five persons who would sell food or craft to
the attendees, as well as themselves. Boys with a few
inches of dreadlocks are available to any tourist who
wants them.

Some ‘Rentas’ make quite a bit of money simply by never
giving change. What ever the Goose sends him to buy,
from Ganja to a Pattie, he will make sure he gets a ‘tip’.
Some steal whatever they can palm.

Out of Sunsplash season, Rentas lurk about North Coast
Hotels, security guards lax in chasing them, as many get
a kickback from the Renta.

They do prevent the Renta from entering the hotel proper,
unless escorted by a Goose.

Where Bajans adopt a ‘submissive’ posture, the Industry
flourishes. The Goose has absolute control over the

In Jamaica, however, Rentas try to dominate and the
Goose, who would have been willing to support him the
two/three weeks of her vacation, rejects a predatory
stance. This often leads to some abuse.

On other islands, the Bajan model is more often followed,
but there are exceptions.

Often a ‘Goose’ might believe the Beach boy ‘loves’ her
or is her ‘boyfriend’ not appreciating that she is nothing
more than a wallet.

Those who play the ‘girl’ to his ‘man’ will be virtually
sold to his friends, robbed of property, (the same kind
of behaviour female prostitutes practise on Johns who
believe she ‘loves’ him).

Many Geese return home without their jewelry or
computers, but return home. Some are never found.

Danger can always be mitigated by understanding that
this nice young man isn’t dazzled by white skin but
is a paid escort. He is with her to get freeness until
she leaves. The word ‘love’ may be used, but the
definition is akin to that on a tennis court.

Most beach boys have wives, legal or common law,
and children, and use their take to support them. The
sale of an ipod can feed his family for a month.

Older women who come armed with names and know
the rules get the benefit of a young male body and a
companion who will sit and play ‘Go Fish’ with her
on the seaside.

Younger women who believe the island boy actually
cares about her is in for a very rude awakening.

Years ago, many Rentas married their geese for the
Green Card, as the laws had not recognised the
‘business marriage.’

Today, Embassy officials are far more alert to the
situation, and appreciate, even if the Goose does
not, what the situation really is.

If you intend to visit a Caribbean Island, appreciate
that the lovely young man who is helping you get
your ‘groove back’, is not in love with you.
He’s a prostitute.


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