The Chance to Change is Actually a Gift

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So much of what we read in the press highlights the problems people face when finances are changed through the loss of your job, business closure, reduced overtime, etc. But, when you think of it, how many people out there are actually just about ready for a change in their lives.

Maybe, sudden financial insecurity is the scary but provoking factor in what may ultimately be a change for the better.

How many of you are always unsure of whether you will have enough money come the beginning of  next month, to pay the mortgage, or the phone or electricity bill? But still, we carry on with our usual lives regardless and cause ourselves untold stress and anguish in the process. Why do we do that?

Are we scared of change?

I have come to such a point in my life.  After 7 long and hard years of working at one particular business, everything, as of today, is totally gone. And do you know something? Although, yes, I’m angry and tired and bewildered about where my life is going next, I’m actually also pretty excited. It’s like the feeling when you are about to go out on a first date. You’re heart races a little, sure, but not with stress but with anticipation and excitement.

So if the, what seems now, unthinkable happens to you too in the next few months; don’t cry too long. Get back up and look at the world with new, lighter, eyes and see if you can make the next 12 months a happier place for you and those close to you.


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