This Holiday Season Say Thanks To A Veteran

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Bo Jack is back, for the good of the attack. Since this is Christmas time, I wanted to remind you all that this is a sad time for many military families. Mom or dad might be on a ship, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, on their way to a conflict, etc., or stationed halfway around the world.

This a picture of my front window. I put this up about five years ago for the fourth of July.

Having family members in the military, I wanted to honor them, as well as any other man or woman, many also moms and dads also, who serve this still great country. While I do not totally agree with some conflicts we are involved in, I fully back our troops with my heart and soul, my strong sense of American pride, and the patriotism we enjoy because of the our military.

I felt so proud every day when I came home seeing that big flag in my window, I decided it would never come down. The building I live in was sold, and the new owners were not American by birth, and requested I take it down. My answer: here’s your thirty days notice. I told them that if I can’t display old glory proud banner that she is, IN AMERICA, then I choose to live somewhere else. This is America. Well, they changed their minds, and I’m still here, and so is my star spangled beauty. Better yet, OUR star spangled beauty.

Well, I was at the publishing site, looking at a friend’s friend’s list, I often do this to come across an interesting picture or pen name; I came across someone named Josie, something made me check out her profile. As it turns out, she was in the U.S. Army, like a great many others, is a mother of three and a baby on the way. I read a poem she wrote about getting home to see her families smiling faces. It moved me. Josie, I thank you for who you are, and what you have done, at the risk of possibly not making it back home.

I was compelled to share my thoughts about this example of selfless action. Think about it. WWII wasn’t just a story, or just another movie, it happened. As each and every war that has happened. Remember, people we salute those stars and stripes, as though they were given to us; but this not the case. Those stripes were earned, and the price was not cheap, it was very expensive. Always remember that. Many many lives have been lost to keep this nation safe and to continue those freedoms that so many of us take for granted.

So I say to you this….Do what I do, and I really do this: Every single time I see a young man with a USMC haircut, a sailor, someone in their BDU’s, National Guardsmen,(ladies too),or an Air Force ball cap, A reservist, or some one with Coast Guard insignia, I say thank you.

I walk up to them and I tell them that I appreciate what they do and that I am in their debt, as we all are. You know what? They are often very humble, but you can see a little twinkle in their that says” Somebody recognized me today for what I do”.It makes them feel good and me too.

A restaurant I go to sometimes has a VFW hall right next to it. Sometimes I see some of those older gents coming out when I leave, and I say to them,” Thanks for what you did in 1945,or I might not ever have been here”.They respond in kind and say, well, it wasn’t easy, but you’re welcome. Then they ask my name, and give me a hug. They went to bat and a lot more than that for us, think about it.

So think about them this holiday time, say a prayer for them to make it home safe, and when you see a veteran, thank them, pat them on the back, and you just might make their day. If we’re lucky, their kids will be with them to see this, and have one more reason to be proud of mom and dad.

This is dedicated to all who have served, and to the families who have lost loved ones in defense of this country. Thank you and Merry Christmas, or whatever holiday you may celebrate at this time of year.

Also, please take the time to read one of the first pieces I had published, not many have read it, it is called Proud To Be An American, just click this link.


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