The Pineapple Fast

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A minimum of seven days before beginning your pineapple fast, eliminate such things as meat, fish, alcohol and eggs from your diet and halt nicotine intake. All of these products contain toxins, the very center of any ailments you may be attempting to reduce or diminish with this fast. 

Know What to Expect

While a pineapple fast is excellent for detoxification, certain side effects may occur. The cleansing of the intestinal tract may cause loose stools due to the high fiber found in pineapples. Hunger is another side effect because of the reduced intake of solid foods. This may also bring on a feeling of lightheadedness. The symptoms should cease after a day or two. If they don’t, consult your doctor.

Why the Pineapple Fast Works

Pineapples are rich in vitamins A and C, as well as zinc and magnesium. They contain the enzyme bromelia, which cleanses the digestive system, allowing for easier digestion of proteins. The high fiber content works in cleansing the colon, resulting in regular bowel movements. The acids found in the pineapple juice break down liver and gallbladder stones, and also aid in cleansing the intestinal tract of parasites. Pineapples are also considered an antipyretic, meaning they help prevent infections.

Implementing the Pineapple Fast

Pineapple fasts usually last from one to five days and are an extreme form of detoxification. The best way to achieve optimal results is to purchase a fresh pineapple and let it ripen. The skin is then peeled and the pineapple is placed in a juicer. Thirty-two to 64 ounces of juice is then sipped slowly throughout the day, along with six to eight glasses of water to avoid dehydration.



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