Be Free to Create Happiness in Your Life

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Holding on to negative thoughts and feelings can prevent you from finding the happiness you desire and deserve. Now more than ever, it’s time to let go of the things that hold you back and keep you down! Free yourself and allow yourself to create happiness and joy!

Before you get started, you’ll need

  • Paper and pen
  • Ashtray or some other safe place to burn a piece of paper
  • A positive attitude and desire to create happiness!

Step 1: Make a list of the things you want to get rid of – the bad, the irritating, the things that are holding you back – resentment, fears, insecurities…. Be honest with yourself and be ready to let go. Write them all down on paper.

Step 2: Place the list in the ashtray (or fire safe receptacle)

Step 3: Light the paper. As you watch it burn recite the following:

I Bless you, I Bless me

I forgive you, I forgive me

Thank you for the lessons you taught me

Thank you for the information you brought me

I release you, I release me from you

And so it is…

As the smoke wafts away, so does the power these things had over you. You are free from them and ready to create the life you want.

Make another list, this one of the positive things you want to create in your life… visualize “having” these things. Place this list someplace safe and get on with your day!

Move forward toward happiness!


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