How to Make a Professional-Looking Film

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Write the story if you are making up your own plot. If not then use a story of your choice.

Write a script and then have your actors memorize it.

When everyone can do their lines perfectly, get a video camera and record all the different scenes one at a time. Record them in sequentioal order, so they don’t get mixed up.

When everything is plugged in, launch your video editing program. Some programs you can choose from are “Corel Video Studio”, “Ulead Video Studio”, “Nero Vision Express”, and/or “Windows Movie Maker”. If you have Windows XP for your operating system then your computer will automatically have “Windows Movie Maker”. Open up your program and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for capturing your video and then set your program for capturing. If you capture the video as an MPEG 2 it will render to DVD faster and will be in better qualitty.

When you’ve captured all of the stuff you need off the video camera, go to the “edit” menu on your program and edit your video. Some good things to do when editing is always add an effect when one clip is flipping to another which I have shown as an examle in the picture above. One popular effect is a cross-fade.

Finally when you’re done editing your program, keep in mind that there are two save buttons on your program. One saves the project so you can open it up again and continue editing it. Do that save first! Then click on the other save button. Name your film, put it under whatever file you choose, and click save. Wait for it to finish rendering, remember MPEG 2 is the best quallitty and will be able to put on DVD much easier and faster. When it is done rendering, go to the folder that you saved it in and…

Enjoy your film!!!


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