How to Use the Online Public Library

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If you don’t have a library card, visit your local branch and obtain one. Just make sure you bring a valid picture I.D. and proof of address.

Step2 :

You can look up your local library branch on-line by visiting:


Once you are at your local on-line library, you will need to set up a web account. Just follow the on-line directions as the process may vary for different states and regions.


Next you will need to download the OverDrive Media Software from the on-line library. This is the software that will store all your Digital Media and is also an audio and video player.


Some audio books and digital music you will be able to burn to a CD. Pay close attention to the downloading instructions for the digital media.


The OverDrive Media software supports a large number of MP3 players. Check for compatibility of your MP3 player on-line.


Download the selected Digital Media to your PC (you will be limited to how many you can borrow at any given time). Once the download is complete the Overdrive Media software will automatically open.


Plug your MP3 player into your USB port and the software should automatically recognize your MP3 player. Select the files you want to copy and start the transfer.


Hint: eBooks and eMusic that have been transferred to your MP3 player will not expire. They only expire if they remain on your PC. However if you delete them from your MP3 player, you will have to borrow them again from the on-line library.


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