How to Detect Dangerous Levels of Electromagnetic Fields

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Introduction: Although it has not been proven, direct and indirect evidence suggest that AC electric and magnetic fields increase the risk of certain cancers and other physiological and psychological abnormalities. Some people report a difficulty in concentrating when exposed to high fields, and some studies suggest that fields suppress the production of sleep inducing melatonin. How this happens is not fully understood; both magnetic and electric AC fields that surround the body can produce AC electric current inside the body.


In order to determine if you have dangerous levels of EMF in your home and surrounding living area, you will need to purchase a TriField Meter. The meter will measure any abnormal levels of EMF in your home.


To purchase an EMF meter you can go to or Google TriField meter. Either way you can purchase one on-line for about $120. You can also purchase a plain EMF meter but you will not able to check for dangerous microwave oven leaks and other radio frequency devices. Hence the word TriField meaning it will measure magnetic, electric, and radio fields.


Once you have your TriField meter, read all the information that’s include and follow the manufacture’s guide lines for using it correctly.


I use the Less Model 100XE from Less EMF Inc. and it’s one of the best you can purchase that’s inexpensive. The meter will tell you what the safe levels are when reading a magnetic, electric, and radio frequency field.


Suggestions where to use the EMF meter: Take EMF readings wherever you spend the most time at home. In the bedroom, take an EMF reading on your pillow where you spend 6 to 8 hours a night sleeping. If there are any high levels of EMF you will need to find the source or move your bed to another area of your room where the level is safe. Also take readings when you turn on a lamp, TV, or another other electrical device in your bedroom. Any high levels will indicate you may have faulty wiring.


Living room: Take readings where you spend the most time watching TV or on your computer. Take readings with TV and computer off to determine a base line for your EMF reading and then turn them on.


Microwave Oven: Check microwave field when you have your microwave turned on and set for High power. Refer to the manufacture’s guide for maximum allowable level. Measure microwave at the distance you would be when it’s on, unless you stand right in front of it.


A TriField Meter is also used for Paranormal Investigation. The presence of a Ghost would give you a higher EMF reading than what the normal reading would be at a location. So if you suspect any bizarre or haunting activity in your home, an EMF meter will help you determine a presence of a ghost.

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