How To Laugh Your Way To Better Health

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For as long as I can remember, my mother tried her best to impress upon me the importance of proper diet and exercise.

After the usual spiel of how I should walk more and eat all of my greens, she always finished by telling me the same thing that all mothers said. That my health was no laughing matter.

Like an obedient daughter I learned to love my greens and have always remained active. Yet in later years it was not my physical health that would become a concern. It was my mental health. Because I had struggled with bouts of mild depression for most of my life, I did not notice how miserable I had become since turning the big “40”. That is until recently when, once again my mom came to the rescue. Over tea I confided in her that I was at my wits end and how nice it would be just to laugh again. Her advise, as usual was simple and to the point. She told me to laugh!

When she explained that the simple act of laughing can make you feel better , I did laugh. How could doing something as simple as laughing help me feel better? But being the inquisitive type, I decided to find out for myself. And the laugh was on me.

I found out that laughter is good for a great many things Laughter boosts your self confidence Laughing makes you look younger Laughing increases endorphin levels, and can help calm pain.

Laughter lowers the stress hormone Cortisol, and promotes relaxation, as well as fighting belly fat. Laughter stimulates the heart causing increased blood circulation that is said to be equivalent to any other aerobic exercise
. So don`t be afraid. Go ahead and tell your mother she was wrong. Your health is a laughing matter.


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