How to Guide for Writing on the Internet

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Site#1 : eHow- This is a great site to start writing. Since this is an instructional site on “How to” do things, this will be the best site to start with. You earn money by the number of article views as well as ratings.

Site#2: Associated Content- This is another good site that can earn you money for each article you submit for an up-front payment. Your article will have to contain at least 400 words or more and be approved for up-front payment by a content manager. You also earn residual income for page views as well, on all your articles. Visit: to learn more.

Site#3: HubPages- On this site you can create as many pages (hubs) as you like on different topics of interest. Each page has the potential to earn you money with AdSense ads, Amazon Affiliate Program, and eBay Affiliate Program. Since Hubpages already are crawled by search engines, there is no need to submit your Hubpages to search engines. If you can write relevant content (use Google Keyword Tool) you should receive a good amount of traffic. Visit: for more information.

Site#4: Helium- This site can earn you money in many different ways. In their Market Place you can submit articles on specific topics and if you’re article is selected you can earn anywhere from $20.00 to $200.00. This price range will vary depending on the type of article and how many words are required. Helium also has a Writer’s Contest, where you can earn money if your article is selected. It would take a whole page for me to describe all the opportunities on Helium. Visit: for more information.

Site#5: Xomba- On this site you can submit articles, called Xombyte, and earn money with Google AdSense ads. You can also submit news links, called Xomblurb, and also earn money with Google AdSense. Visit: for more information.

Site#6: Squidoo- This site is very similar to Hubpages where you can create an unlimited number of lenses (pages) on topics of your choice. You also earn money from Google AdSense ads and Affiliate Programs. Visit: to learn more.


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