Cute Pomeranian dogs

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Pomeranian dogs are small dogs, they are smart and eager to learn. Pomeranian or (Poms) for short are friendly but can be temperamental at times. Each Pom seem to have their own little personality. Some puppies can take a while to house break because they are stubborn! Once they are house broken they very seldom have accidents in the house. They are know to do nasty little things if they are left alone to long or ignored when they feel they should be getting extra attention. Nothing to nasty but they just like to let you know that they don’t like to be left alone for to long. Poms usually like to have a pillow, or a little dogie bed to sleep on at night. If you start letting them sleep with you “they love it”! “at least mine do”, they will usually choose sleeping in your bed next to sleeping in their own. 

The first poms were bigger in size but as the breeding went on they were later bread to be smaller in size. Poms originated in Germany and Poland. Like many small dogs Poms are prone to bad teeth and fits of harmless sneezing.

The two Poms that you see here are sisters, they are very close. I have had Brandy and Ginger since they were a year old, they are now four years old. Dogs age faster than people! One dog year is equal to seven human years so these little beauties are twenty eight years old


You shouldn’t bath your Poms to often, excess bathing can damage their skin and coat, regular brushing with a damp brush is better than to much bathing. Poms make wonderful pets if you live in a small apartment but are happy in any environment as long as they are warm and loved. they make wonderful company for young and old alike.

I have always had animals as pets but usually choose smaller dogs next to larger breed of dogs because I like to be able to have the dogs on my lap and be able to carry them around, though there is certainly nothing wrong with a large dog, I just find small dogs more to my liking.

I believe every child should have a pet as they are growing up, that in my opinion helps a child to learn to love as well as care for a living creature, it also gives the child a wonderful companion to play with and bond with. No matter what size dog you decide to get just remember to love it and you will be loved in return.


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