How to make a simple periscope

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A periscope is a great tool that makes it possible for you to see over walls, around corners, or other obstacles. Periscopes are found in submarines so the sailors inside can see what’s on the surface of the water, even if the ship itself is below the waves.

You can try making a simple periscope with milk or juice carton.

You will need two 1-liter milk or juice cartons, two small square mirrors, a hacksaw or scissors and some masking tape.

Firstly, use the knife or scissors to cut around the top of each carton, removing the peaked “roof”.

Secondly, tape the open parts of the cartons together to make one long box.

Thirdly, cut two windows out of the box-one in the front at the bottom and one on the back at the top-so that you can look in and see out of your periscope.

Then, put aside your box. Now hold the two mirrors so that you can see in one and out the other. Once you get a clear view, notice the angles at which you are holding the mirrors.

Now you need to put the mirrors in the box at these angles. To do this, cut out two diagonal slots in your box-one at the bottom and one at the top-that match the angles of the mirrors.

When you slide the mirrors in, make sure they face the two windows you cut out earlier.

Now look through the bottom window of your periscope. You should be able to see out of the top window. If you can’t, adjust the mirrors a little bit. You may also want to tape the mirrors in place.

Now you have a periscope! If you look through the bottom hole, you can see over fences that are taller than you. If you look through the top hole, you can see under tables. If you hold it sideways, you can see around corners.


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