How to Deal with Cancer

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Cancer is a very sensitive health issue because several of my close relatives succumbed to it. Currently, some of my relatives are undergoing cancer treatments too. I hope through this article, you will be alerted to the detrimental effects of cancer and learn how to deal with it properly.

Things to Watch Out for :

* Unexplained Fatigue – a person who has cancer often feels tired for no reason. This is especially true when cancer is in the advanced stage.
* Losing Weight – speedy weight loss especially if you are not on a diet is one of the early symptoms
of cancer.
* Fever – this usually manifest because cancer affects the immune system.
* Skin changes – skin turns yellowish, darkens or reddens. Some have abnormal hair growths or lesions. Others experience itchiness.
* Pain – in the early stage of cancer it is often painless. In the advanced stage, pain is inevitable.

Different types of cancer have specific symptoms. It is important to visit your doctor once you noticed some or all of the above symptoms just to be sure.

Cancer is often manageable in the early stages. There are four stages of cancer.

* Stage 1 is the earliest stage. Cancer cells has not spread or metastasized. It is controllable and affects only a small portion of the body.
* Stage 2, cancer has not spread yet or cancer cells have spread to a few lymph nodes but still manageable. The tumor is larger than stage 1.
* Stage 3 Tumor has grown and cancer cells have spread to lymph nodes near the affected part.
* Stage 4 means cancer cells are no longer contained to the affected part but have spread to other organs particularly liver, lungs and bones.

Once you determine that you have cancer, do not hesitate – seek treatment right away. Some people are afraid of going under the knife or uncertain of the treatment options. Listen to professional medical advice. The earlier the treatment, the better are your chances of survival. Cancer is treatable. The advances of medical technology and medicines make it possible to cure cancer and survive. So do not waste time and do not wait for the cancer cells to metastasize. Act immediately. Quick action could spell the difference between life and death.

Types of treatments recommended by the doctor could be :

* Chemotherapy
* Radiation Therapy
* Surgery

Other options include gene therapy, photodynamic therapy, biological therapy, angiogenesis inhibitors therapy and so many other treatment options. You can also combine alternative and complementary medicines to improve your chances of beating cancer. Ask your doctor before using herbals or alternative treatments since these could have contra indications if combined with prescribed medicines.


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