What disease is revealed by your dream?

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After a long-term study, medical experts discovered that except for psychological reasons, some repeatedly emerging nightmare or dream might be the harbinger of certain diseases.

From the pathological point of view, many physical and mental illnesses show no obvious symptoms during the incubation period. This is particularly significant at the daytime, during which human’s brain is more active and the brain cells are situated in a very excited circumstance, and thus any lesions or impairments in the body cells are hardly to detect. Nevertheless, when we sleep, most cells are situated in the “rest” circumstance, and the work ability during this time is declining gradually. At this moment, any stimulation signals received via the surrounding stimuli at the daytime will stimulate the hub of the cortex, and thus causing the corresponding brain cells exist in the state of stress. This situation explains why during sleeping human will always get nightmare or dream more easily.

In general, different circumstances of dreams reflect different diseases but the similar dream that keeps on repeating is usually related to a same type of disease. Below are some examples of the nightmares and its respective disease.

The sufferer heard a strange sound, scream or shout in the dream which might be an indication of the hardening of blood vessels or an abnormal circumstance of its vicinity’s cells that are located in the center of the auditory part. This situation should not be taken for granted, as it shows the decline in the functionality of the hearing.

The sufferer dreamt of the trachea being blocked or stuffed by something and thus making he feels suffocating while breathing or he might have been breathing in difficulty. This situation shows that he may have a respiratory problem. Again, this situation should not be allowed ignoring as it will slowly worsen the breathing ability and eventually leading to the chronic respiratory related diseases.

The sufferer dreamt of being chased by something or someone and he has a horrific feeling until his voice was unable to come out from his throat in the dream. The person whom experiences this nightmare may have been panicked until he could not walk even for a single step and sometimes he may have urinated all over the bed. After awaking from the dream, the sufferer may have been sweating, shivering, and his heart pouncing at an accelerate rate than usual. It ismore likely that the sufferer may have experienced blood insufficiency in the heart. This situation should not be ignored as it will gradually develop into a serious coronary related disease.

The sufferer dreamt of not being able to walk properly. He believed thathis body was being distorted and cramped, and this consequence was then accompanied with an occasional flu or a feel of being suffocated in the dream. He might also wake up suddenly from the bed even though that might not be the time from getting up from the sleep. This sign might be an early symptom or precursor of an angina pectoris.

The sufferer dreamt of falling from the higher position, but he was not truly fallen to the ground as he woke up suddenly from the dream with an extremely odd facial expression. This might be an early symptom or precursor of the heart disease.

The sufferer dreamt of his body being burnt in a fire. He might have suffered from high blood pressure or hypertension.

The sufferer dreamt of being drowned in the flood, tsunami, mud, sea, river or any water bodies. This sign explains that he may have suffered from the abnormality of hepatobiliary (“hepato-“refers to the liver, while “-biliary” refers to the gallbladder, bile ducts, or bile) system. If this dream persists in a longer period, it might be a consequence of the kidney disease.

The sufferer dreamt of being flown up in the sky or to any higher altitude regions. The dream indicates the possibility of having a problem with the circulation system.

The sufferer dreamt of seeing an uglier, weird and wicked person. This might be a sign of having problem with the digestive system. Sometimes, it might be a symptom of having the tumor grown within the organs involved in the digestive system.

The sufferer dreamt of being hit and he would feel a pain in his head after awaking from his sleep. Such dream shows that he might have suffered from the visceral disorder. Visceral here refers to the internal organs of the body, specifically those within the chest such as the heart or the lungs, or abdomen which includes the liver, pancreas or the intestines.

The sufferer dreamt of being fed with strange flavor foods which he still can feel the strange odor even he has woken up. Other consequence when the sufferer felt extremely hungry and thus eating a great deal of foods at one time in his dream; he would still feel an unbearable stomachache even he has woken up. This is a message from our body showing the possibility of having gastrointestinal disorders.


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