How to Look Party Fresh

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Have you ever experienced less energy when you’ve a dinner, party or function hosted? It must be a deadly feeling for you, right? Every time, whenever you attend a dinner, party or function, you feel your energy slump coming on the way. And you getting annoyed or irritated each time you’ve such unpleasant feel? Instead of giving in to your sugar cravings, why not boost your “battery” with these speedy solutions? By doing these simple steps, your fatigue body will be recharged faster.

Take an appropriate nap

Try squeeze out 10 – 30 minutes of your busy schedule to have yourself a power nap. Make sure you turn off the phone, and internet, and rest your head on your desk. Well, you may wake up feeling a little groggy, but you’ll feel a surge of energy within half an hour.

Fuel your body with iron

When you’ve a deficiency in iron intake, it’s natural that your body will feel relatively slump. Iron is essential for boosting energy as it plays its role in transporting oxygen via red blood cells. When your body is lack of iron, remember to include iron-rich foods like toufu, spinach, lentils and soybeans in your diet.

Open up your curtain

The option of opening up your curtain to let the sun shining in is helpful to make you remaining fresh. The sunlight will assist to increase the level of serotonin, a type of hormone which helps elevate your mood and get rid of your tiredness. Even turning on bright lights will help sometimes. But better still, if you can head outdoors for about 30 minutes dose of light.

Get yourself wet

Getting yourself wet is another alternative to refresh your mood. Be ready to take a drink of water. It doesn’t matter whether you take a tall glass of fountain, bottled or cold water, which can really refresh you. To perk your mood up, you can add lemon or lime in your drink.

Drink appropriate amount of juices

A study by an Arizona State University shows that women who lacked of vitamin C generally did much better on treadmill tests after having appropriate amount of vitamin C daily. They were found to be felt much better and had more energy when they were given extra vitamin C to boost their feelings. Vitamin C is essential to produce carnitine, a molecule-like substance that aids your body to burn fat for energy. Alternatively, you may also eat C-rich foods such as raw red or green bell peppers, kiwi fruit and broccoli.

Have a cup of tea

The latest study shows that a steaming cup of tea helps restore your energy and reboot your brain. If you’re feeling an energy slump coming on, try having a cup of black, green or oolong tea. These tea leaves contain theanine and amino acid which have been proved to recharge your body effectively.

Take your time and go for a walk

A research by American Heart Association has proved to us that women who walked briskly for about 70 minutes a week ( or at least 10 minutes per day) have 18% more energy than their sedentary peers after 6 months. Whenever you get your body moving, your blood flow, blood circulation and metabolism are stimulated, which eventually revs you up. You should take at least 10-minute-walk to meet your exercise needs for the day to boost your battery in pronto.


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