Why Create a Writer’s Portfolio?

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There are many benefits of having your own writer’s portfolio. Whether you’re an established employee, freelancer or a journalist there are many reasons for you to create it. It can draw clients to you; it can even win a job interview for you. How to make your portfolio work effectively? Here are some tips:

1.       Sample your work – your portfolio should contain the best pieces of your writing as well as account for your education and training. It will be a great resource for your prospective employers and customers. Your portfolio is a great way of convincing them that you are exactly what they are looking for.

2.       Self-promotion – don’t be shy about your achievements, publications, references and/or testimonials. Provide diversified content to prove your versatile writing skills and the level of expertise you have achieved in chosen domains. Make sure you provide links to your web content, include print press articles and mention all experience you have in writing: academic, creative, ghostwriting, blogging, editing and moderating.

3.       Be unique – in every sense of the word. Do write several samples (ads, leaflets, articles, newsletters, etc.) exclusively for your portfolio. You can add an “about me” section and your picture. You can write several sentences about your philosophy of writing and what it is exactly that makes you a true professional. Avoid, however, excessively personal narratives. If you plan print your writer’s portfolio to showcase your work and experience during an interview, you can include a CD with an electronic version. Make it look attractive but keep it tidy an easy to read.

4.       Self-assessment – your portfolio will always be changing and developing. It should be updated periodically. Pay close attention to details. In this way, you will be able to track your improvements and identify any lacks or detriments that hold back your writing career.

Creating and updating your portfolio can be a somewhat tedious process. It’s time-consuming, exhausting and can never really be finished. However, granted you stick to the above points, it has an unlimited capacity to make your life simpler and your career more successful than you could ever expect.


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