How Could I Benefit from Walking?

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This is a continual piece of The health benefits of walking and The Power of walking: ways to fight off diseases

Whether you run, jog or walk a mile, your body can burn the same amount of calories; but you get there quicker if you run. Though running burn calorie faster than walking, walking is recommended as it is simple and safe to do. Basically, a 150-pound person burns 100 calories per mile; a 200-pound person burns 133 calories per mile; and a 250-pound person burns 166 calories per mile while walking.

If you’re out of shape, then you’re recommended to start walking at a snail pace, but you’ll gradually build up the speed if you walk regularly. A good average of walking speed is very much depending on your leg length and how fast your legs can carry you. Generally, 3 to 4 miles per hour (mph) is considered as a good average walking speed.

If you increase your walking speed, number of days you walk, or you wear a lightly weighted backpack while walking, then you can increase your calorie expenditure. As one pound of body fat equals to 3,500 calories, you can see you lose up to one pound per month, if you stick to a regular and constant walking program.

It’s always a good choice to combine walking with a proper and balanced diets, which will definitely help you to cut 10 pounds in a week, and over the course of a year, you could shred off 75 pounds while remaining your health. This is not sound like a magic if you get it done consistently. A loss of 1 to 2 pounds is practical and attainable in a week.

If your body weight is measured at 150 pounds, then walking for about two days at a speed of 2 mph in a day will take you approximately 180 minutes (or 3 hours) to burn off 1,000 calories. But it’ll take you only 90 minutes to burn off 1,000 calories, if you plan to walk at 4 mph for two days. Walking at a fast pace to up to 4 mph seems to be a promising way to cut your calories fast but it can be hard for chronic patients, oldies and certain individuals to attain. So, I suggest you to walk at 2 mph for four days a week since you can still get the same result rather than walking just for 2 days.


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