Ways to Optimize Your Blog for Maximum Traffic

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One of the first things that a blogger need to have is the traffic to his/her blog. This is necessary for those blogs that are not affiliated with any existing sites and blog owners who have never run a website before. You are going to have to work to build some traffic and readership to your new blog.

Before starting any aggressive advertising campaigns it is important to make sure your blog is search engine optimized. Meta tags must be included in your blog in order to catch any random search engine traffic that might stumble your way, and to make sure your site is indexed to appear in a search engine in the first place.

I have used two tools to generate meta tags for all of my existing blogs. They are the Submit Express Meta Tag Generator (http://www.submitexpress.com/metatag.html ) and the Submit Corner Meta Tag Generator (http://www.submitcorner.com/Tools/Meta ). This helps ensure that my blogs get indexed and that I can receive traffic from search engine results that display my blog. Both of these tools are completely free and only require the user to answer a few questions and fill in a few blanks (site description, keywords, etc.). When you are done both tools can be used to analyze your newly created meta tags and give suggestions on how to optimize them. (make them shorter or longer).

Depending on your blogging platform your newly created meta tags might have to go in different parts of your blog. If you are using WordPress, place the meta tags in the header and main index page of the blog layout. If you are not sure where to place the meta tags consult your blog platforms. Once your meta tags are created and in place you can now start submitting your blog to major search engines.


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