The Cats

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I was walking down the street with a friend and suddenly we saw a cat and I knew at once that I loved it. It was a shorthaired black and white one, about 2 years old, witty and electric; it also seemed a little indifferent or showed some general apathy. I was carrying a sport bag and I placed it inside by giving him tuna fish from a sandwich to attract it. As we were walking home the cat was quiet, at the corner I met my aunt (we were living together at that time) and she said: Aha! You have a cat there! You are taking it home! She was definitely a cat lover. I had that cat for about a year. Its name is Jedai. I loved it a lot, but it became mostly keen to stay at my aunt’s bedroom, it loved her, not me really, not like the cat I had before, that one did love me. I left that house a year after and my aunt decided to keep the cat. I let her. Jedai was fully content. From being a homeless cat, so beautiful and enchanting that had been raised I guess by the residents at that six-story building. At the time I found it, Jedai was living at the parking site by some bushes, finding shelter inside a small-cemented box opened for a watering utility or something. There were some plastic small containers with cat food inside them.

Just arrived to its new home, Jedai loved the house and loved my aunt specially, behaving mostly committed to a monotonous stay, eating and being warm indoors, resting and sleeping, refreshing outside in the patio, not too keen of playing, it became sort of completely satisfied. I came to call it Jedai, as its first name I called it was Jerry. Some years before I had met a cat that for some days its name Jerry was changed by us to some other, but then we realized so lovingly that its name was Jerry and we were so delighted by catching it and playing and calling its name. So first I called Jedai Jerry, and from Jerry some weeks later I was calling it Yeti, and this one was funny and lasted long time, after I suddenly started to calling it Jedi, now I call him Jedai and I guess that is its best name, I like it a lot, although it had became rather fatty and more boring than before, anyway it’s a beautiful one, it gave birth to three kittens. They were raised by people and loved. They were amazing. Had all died, Blanquito suffocated by a bone stuck in its throat. Tuetue poisoned by a bitter neighbor lady. Luis is missing, never came back. As for Jedai, she remains happy at my aunt’s, who sometimes wants to get rid of it, I was thinking not to accept Jedai back at mine’s but now I think I will help my aunt if she doesn’t want it anymore. I’m living a few blocks away in a house with a large yard, with trees and an abandoned half built small house, a place that is very close to other roofs, although she is not very eager to get on the roofs, not even climbing a tree, never, not like the one I had before which was unique. Something unusual about Jedai is that I could train it, but only one trait, every time I snapped my fingers and called his name while pointing to the small bed we had provided for it, which it hated, so every time I told it to go inside, it immediately obeyed and went to it like a robot.


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