The Top Three Non-BCS Bowl Games of the 2008-09 Football Season

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With 34 bowl games and counting, it’s difficult to pick just three non-BCS bowl games to watch this year. But here are the 3 best to watch!

First, on December 23, Boise State vs. TCU at the Poinsetta Bowl in San Diego.  Second, on December 29 Missouri vs. Northwestern at the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio.  Third, on December 30 Oklahoma State vs. Oregon at the Holiday Bowl in San Diego.  All three of these games are packed with good nationaly ranked football teams. 

The Boise State vs. TCU game will be the best non-bcs game by far this year.  Both Boise State and TCU were in the hunt for Bustin’ the BCS for most of the season.  Boise State did finish 12-0 this year, but a great Utah team beat them out for playing in the Sugar Bowl.  TCU went 10-2 this season, but they first lost to Oklahoma and also a close game to Utah.  Boise State has an explosive offence, and TCU has a strong fast defence.  I pick TCU winning by a small margin, 35-32 TCU.

Missouri vs. Northwestern are both strong oppenents.  Missouri won the Big 12 North, and lost to Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship game.  Missouri is lead by an amazing quarterback Chase Daniels.  Missouri will be only has good as Chase Daniels.  Northwestern doesn’t have a strong offence, or an amazing defence.  Although I think they will keep it moderately close.  Missouri is going to win this bowl game, 42-28 Missouri.

The third great game is Oklahoma State vs. Oregon.  Oklahoma State is  lead by a great running back Kendall Hunter who has ran for over 1,500 yards this season.  Oklahoma State has a great offence and will put up a lot of points.  Oregon has had the injury bug this season, but they are still playing great.  Oregon has two good running backs and a good offence.  This game will be full of offence.  The strong Big 12 will have another victor, 59-45 Oklahoma State.

All three of these games are most see.  Anything could happen.  If you can only see one it has to be the Boise State vs. TCU game.  That is going to be amazing.  So sit down, relax and watch the bowl games this season.  They are going to be exciting!


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