The Final Three Heisman Candidates: Who Will Win it?

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They have narrowed the candidates down to three. Who will win the Heisman Trophey? The final three candidates are Colt McCoy of Texas, Sam Bradford of Oklahoma, and Tim Tebow of Florida. All three of them are amazing quarterbacks on amazing football teams. All Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida has only lost one game this season. Also strangely enough none of these finalists are seniors.

Colt McCoy is a 6’3, 210lbs. Texas native. This season he has thrown for 3,445yrds. and 32 touchdowns, and has a rating of 179.20. Colt is a great quarterback who can also run the ball when needed. His team should be undefeated, but huge comeback at Texas Tech was a little to late. Colt is a great quarterback, but he will not win Heisman. Even though he won’t win it this year he has one more year to win it.

Sam Bradford is a 6’4, 218lbs. Oklahoma native. Over this season he has thrown for 4,464yrds. and 48 touchdowns, and has a rating of 186.29. He has really shown that he is a wonderful passer, but he hasn’t shown that he can run the ball. Sam didn’t need to show running skills this season because Oklahoma has great running backs.

Tim Tebow is a 6’3, 240lbs. Florida native. This season he has thrown for 2,515yrds. and 28 touchdowns, and has a rating of 176.74. His passing yards isn’t has high as McCoy’s or Bradford’s, but it doesn’t reflect on his passing abilities. He is a great passer, and he is an amazing runner. Tebow has the record for the most rushing touchdowns by a quarterback in the SEC conference.

All three of these quarterbacks are amazing athletes and deserve this award. Unfortunately Colt McCoy won’t win Heisman this year. Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford will be a toss up. Either one could win the most honored trophey this season. If I had to pick a quarterback for my team it would be Tim Tebow. His running and passing abilities are amazing. To bad the decision will be made before Florida plays Oklahoma in the National Championship game because that would show the true winner right there. So who do you think will win?


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