BCS Bowl Projections 2009: Who’s Going Where?

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If you want to see how this 2008-2009 college football season progressed over the season check out these articles: College Football preseason rankings, BCS Busters: Who Has a Chance, and BCS Busters: The Final Stretch. Those are all great articles to keep you up to date on what happened over the season.

There are 3 BCS Bowl Games and 1 National Championship Game. The 3 BCS Bowls are the Rose Bowl played in Pasadena, California on January 1. The Fiesta Bowl in Glendale, Arizona on January 5. Then the Sugar Bowl is played in New Orleans, Louisiana on January 2. The fourth Bowl is the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida played on the first of January. Last but certainly not least is the National Championship game played this year in Miami, Florida on January 8.

I predict that Oregon State will play Penn State at the Rose Bowl. Oregon State will get blown out by Penn State. Oregon State is a good team, but not a BCS team. The only reason they are in this bowl game is because they miraculously beat USC and the Pac-10 isn’t a good conference this year. Penn State is a great team with a great coach that will come up with a great game plan. The final score will be 38-17 for Penn State.

In the Fiesta Bowl I think USC will play Texas. Both of these teams are great football teams. It’s going to be close, but I am going to take Texas by a touchdown. Both teams are lead by amazing quarterbacks and they will light up the score that night. The final will be 49-46 for the Texas Longhorns.

The Sugar Bowl will host Utah and Alabama. Utah is one of the few undefeated teams this year and is the BCS Buster from the Mountain West Conference. Alabama is a good team at #1 right now, but they are going to lose to Florida in the SEC Championship game. So that will send them to the Sugar Bowl instead of the National Championship. With Utah’s great defense and explosive offence I predict the final score will be 38-28 for Utah.

In the Orange Bowl I think Georgia Tech will play Cincinnati. Georgia Tech will beat Boston College in the ACC Championship game and will land in this bowl game. While Cincinnati will get an at-large bid after they have had an impressive season. This game will be low scoring with the final score being 17-14 for Cincinnati.

For all the marbles in the National Championship Game I predict Florida will play Oklahoma. Florida in the late part of the season has been immortal. I don’t see any flaw on the Florida team. Oklahoma pulled a huge upset over undefeated Texas Tech and completely creamed them. These are truly the best two teams in the Nation right now. I will have to go with Urban Meyer’s team to take it 35-28; Florida will be the National Champion in 2009!


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