How to Survive a Greyhound Bus Ride

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Interested in traveling by bus when you take out of state trips? If so then you may be considering traveling courtesy of Greyhound Bus lines. While traveling on Greyhound has many advantages such as price and locations, there are also many rules and regulations you must know in order to enjoy your trip and make it to your destination safely. Below I have listed a basic set of guideline rules to follow when traveling on Greyhound around the holidays or year round.

Have Your Ticket in Hand: This doesn’t apply for when you’re sitting down waiting for your bus to arrive at the station; this goes for when you’re in line waiting to get on the bus. Make sure you have your bus ticket in your hand! If you don’t, the person that checks tickets will simply ask you to either go to the back of the line or step to the side while you search for your ticket. There purpose in doing this is to keep from cause a major traffic jam in the line, so be prepared, and have your ticket in hand!

Keep Track of Bags: You will most likely be allowed to take one or two bags on the bus with you to put in your overhead compartment, however, keep tracks of the bags you have to check in. Make sure if you’re waiting to get on the bus and happen to see the bags being loaded onto the side compartment of the bus that you see yours. Bags often get mixed up on racks and loaded onto other buses, so be prepared. Make sure your arriving and destination tags match your ticket to avoid other problems.

Use Bathroom at Rest stops: If you have to use the bathroom and it’s not a definite emergency, wait until you get to a rest stop. The Greyhound line makes rest stops almost every 20-50 miles at times so take advantage of these stops by getting off the bus and going to the restroom. Sure you can always use the bathroom on the bus if you don’t mind, however; the bathrooms on Greyhound aren’t always the most sanitary so use at your own judgment.

Bring Own Snacks: Although Greyhound has the motto that you can’t eat or drink on the buses, they are rarely enforced. It sometimes will depend on the driver of the bus, however, most of the drivers allow passengers to eat and drink as long as they don’t leave a mess. Make sure that if you do bring your own snacks, you clean up after yourself. Bringing your own snacks will also save you from spending money at the fast food or restaurant stops.

Getting Back on Bus in Time: This is probably one of the most important rules when it comes to traveling on Greyhound; make sure you are back on the bus in time if you’re at a rest stop. Based on personal experience, I’ve seen drivers leave many passengers at rest stops due to them not being back on the bus in time. If the driver say’s you’ll be at a rest stop for 15 minutes, be back on the bus in 7 minutes! Even if you are standing right outside the bus door and the driver begins to take off, he’s not obligated to let you on since you weren’t “technically” on the bus. The worst part about this is, if you’re traveling from state to state, many rest stops are in ghost towns and won’t have houses or stores for miles in between.

Bring Entertainment: If you’re planning to be on the bus for more than 2 hours, bring some sort of entertainment such as music, portable DVD player or a book. Having one of these things will surely make the time past by a little faster.

Don’t Bring Drugs/Alcohol: To save yourself any legal troubles, leave the drugs and alcohol off the bus! Although many Greyhound locatations won’t check your bags, the drivers are given the right to use their own judgement when it coems to impair passengers. If you’ve been drinking and the driver can smell it, he/she has a right to tell you to get off the bus or not even let you on to begin with. If you have drugs on you, a more serious action will be taken such as police being called to escort you off the bus.

Keep Wallet/Purse Close to You: If you happen to bring your wallet or purse with you, keep it on you at all times! Don’t just keep it in your site; make sure you can physically touch it at all times. With there being so many people from everywhere traveling thru the Greyhound bus line, items are sure to get stolen and pick pockets are sure to be lurking. Be safe and keep your money close to your body!


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