Existence of Conflict: Due to Man’s Imperfection

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Before I institute this chronicle in the form of speech, I would like to gratify and beseech everybody to at least focus their mind in this short inscription of mine, and slowly learn to value collaboration and synchronization in the middle of their own productivity, coordination and act of criticism.

I should want to presage those who are implicated in the situation that this writing suits for them and to those who are not, I should want to say enjoy.

I am the youth of the modern generation. I do not need one’s appreciation to whitewash my imperfection. I was arrowed by truth that my inefficiency is due to my stinginess and greediness. But at my recent provision, don’t judge me as if you know me. Don’t crucify me through the way I stand, the manner I talk and the approach I used to each and every one of you – as my accusers! Never underestimate my capability, by what your eyes tells about me! Don’t discourage me, though my hands are jumpy! Instead, look at my inner self; look at my heart, stare at my eyes, my mind and my soul. Search for my thoughts and feelings, my risks and perseverance of establishing my own.

I can be a writer! I can be a poet! With my simplicity, I can be the best of being me. Let us build our own inner reveries! Instead of looking at others and creating – oh! God! Why jealousy! Let us sew each other’s courage in pursuing individual goals and ambitions. Instead of weaving selfishness, that conveys the creation of dissatisfaction. Sustain other’s necessity to pilgrimage of holistic change, for a distinctive renewal of oneself.

Let us all cut those wild grasses into pieces! Allow those demons to pass away! Strive for the evangelization of the country and of our own self as well! We all need the fortitude of collaboration and harmony that is already in our hands and sowed in our hearts, that all we need is to look for it in our inner self.

I can still recall the first stanza of my first poem written in English, beginning with these simple words of deeper significance.

I do not need to be a pop,

Because I myself is on the top!

I should not think of being anyone,

For I myself is an important someone.

That being simply someone, being satisfied and contented of what we have as an innate person, could hamper the existence of conflict due to man’s imperfection.


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