On my way

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On My Way

Working this job, and I’m working real hard convincing myself everyday not to quit

Two weeks past, and I’m doing it again, then a very small check is what I get

Raising my child, one day after another, her needs are getting stronger

Cutting corners, and making something out of nothing aint gone last us too much longer

Smoking these squares, and sitting on stairs when I think about paying the bills

Bridges burnt, and loans ran out, and they tell me how I should feel!

In my darkest hour, I grab the remote, and turn to the local news

I.R.S. is sending some checks, Well, alright, do what u do!

Will I hit, or will I miss, cause I didn’t receive a letter

but come on now, don’t count me out, I need to get my self together!

Mailman comes and hands me my check, I’m like, yeah, alright, okay!

but waiting on mail is not how its supposed to be, its gotta be a better way!

I hopped the bus, I’m headed home, Beep-Beep my pass expired

She aint got to let me ride, cause if their watching, she could get fired

“It’s alright, come on, get on, baby don’t stress yourself!”

Small blessings come when least expected, cause I couldn’t call nobody else!

Playing the lottery and waiting on a miracle, I decided to plan ahead

I prepared to just pick myself up and attend some classes, or do something constructive instead

Something to look forward to, a reason to hold on, A few years, take it day by day

A change in life and some sacrifice, but trust, I’m on my way!

The home of opportunity, The land of the free; I want to feel like that

I’m tired of sitting “this one out” cause they aint mailed me my check yet

Don’t always want to be in a rush, cause I got to catch this bus

Seems like everybody’s getting ahead, Yeah, everybody but us!

So….Do you, and do it well, and never mind what they say

cause little do those in doubt may know, I’ll be on top one day!


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