How to download music for free

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Music, a pastime of mine for sure. There are many sites online that allow the community to share music through the means of P2P sharing. What that is is you download music files on your computer and share with everyone on that network. The site that I am sharing today is Frostwire. This site is almost just like Limewire. You download the software to your computer and start building a library of songs.

I do want to caution people about doing this, there are risks involved. When downloading off a site such as this there can be a risk of also downloading viruses, spyware, and trojans. I am not saying it will happen I am saying it can happen. So if you decide to download any typr of P2P software please take this into consideration.

Also there has been some news that it is illegal as well. So again I am not stating you should or should not the choice is yours. Just be careful and download and get off is what I say. Music makes anyone feel good and gives us some “me” time. I have always loved music since I can remember so I am sure others like to get free music downloads and listen to their favorite songs.

Another site worth mentioning would be This is another site where you can add songs to a playlist that you create with a free account that you can set up. I have found that this site is pretty useful alothough I had problems finding certain songs I wanted. The nice thing about this site is there is no downloading at all. The songs are found on other websites and are added that way to your playlist instead of downloading the song. Thank you for reading my article on how to download free music and I hope I gave some tips of where to go to enjoy free music. Please feel free to leave comments and thanks again for taking the time to read. Cheers 🙂


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