How find True Love

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Step 1

Know what it is about you that you love. Then run with it. I love the art’s i love to dance i love to help people. I is the key word here, try and find some one that has the same intrest.You do have a chance of matching interest even if it’s a small percent try and force true love. It’ll cost you too much and your heart is priceless.

Step 2

Everything that look’ s good is not always mom’s speach,but it is true. Just because it look’ s good dosen’t bye no means make it good. Some time’ s the better it looks the worse it is. You don’t want to bring on more burden than your lust is ready for. This can be every time the phone ring’ s faimly,needing something. Friends that your new true love is so committed to.

Step 3

Stop altogether now think. What is it that you really need. What is it that you think your missing? Can you even love? Lust is temporary or alcohol induced this will never last. This is just another way to for fill your misery. Mr Right Mrs Wrong who ever you are looking for is right in your face. But never long enough. That’s the problem with true love it moves fast. The only way to solve this problem is to STOP LOOKING.

If your not ready true love is looking for you.So relax dont expect anything.Take your time.Never jump on the first good looking bus.Most importantly meet the family,it’s like a interveiw.If they dont seem so nice now,they wont later.


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