How to Summon Your Guardian Angel

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This is a true story.

I read an article about guardian angels in the papers sometime in 1998. I found the story very interesting that is why I was able to commit this to memory.

The author is a girl studying in one of the exclusive schools. She was intrigued by the idea of a guardian angel. So while driving on her way to school she whispered a prayer asking God to manifest to her the guardian angel.

Upon arriving in school, she followed the required steps to enrol. To her surprise, none of her friends bothered to come near her and offered to help even though they bumped with each other at the hallway.

Later that day, after she finished with the enrolment process, she approached one of her friends and asked why they seemed to be avoiding her.

To her amazement, her friend replied “We don’t want to bother you and your date.”

“Date? What date are you talking about? I was alone the entire day!” She quickly retorted.

“You can’t be serious! Then who’s the good-looking guy hovering near you the entire day?” her friend asked.

Not contented with her friend’s explanation she called the rest of her friends to ask them the same question. And all seven of her friends said the same thing.

She was accompanied by a tall, good-looking guy the entire day! Thinking that he was her date, they did not bother to go near her. Even her classmates who saw her said the same thing.

The author surmised that the guy she was with, whom everybody saw except her, was probably her guardian angel. She prayed for the angel to manifest and God must have answered her prayers. And she excitedly shared her story to show that angels are indeed Real!

After reading her story, naturally I was curious about it. So I muttered a short prayer on my way to work asking God to manifest to me my guardian angel that day.

As the day dragged on, my hopes gave way to disappointment as the day seemed to end with no angel in sight.

Then a few minutes before the office closed, my officemate walked in with this beautiful carved statue. She put it on top of my table and said that she was giving it to me as a gift.

Guess what it was?

It was an angel! A cherubim actually. She looked no more than 10 years old, very pretty, very sweet-looking creature.

I almost cried upon seeing the little statue.

When my excitement subsided, I inquired from my officemate why she thought of giving me (of all things!) an angel figurine?

She replied matter-of-factly, “Well, I passed by this store to buy a rosary on my way here. Then my eye caught sight of this beautiful angel. The first thing that came to my mind was you. So I decided to buy it and give it to you. It was just one of those spur-of-the-moment thing, an instinct. I guess.”

I nodded. Then smiled widely and thanked her.

Deep in my heart I know it wasn’t just an instinct. It was my angel calling out to her!


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