How to Handle Sick Pets

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Pets have a growing tendency to fall ill. There are many reasons for this situation – from diet regimes to psychological conditions and climatic issues. What can you do when your beloved pet is suffering? You can’t ask cats or dogs what’s the matter or how you can help them. But even if your pet is isolated, unenergetic and apparently sad, there are many things you can do to make them feel better:

Consult a vet – make sure you describe your pet’s behavior adequately. Any vet doctor can give you substantial pieces of advice and prescribe helpful medicine only on the basis of correct data that only you can provide. Try to remember eating habits, weight and the age of your pet. Prepare vaccination history. If you are not comfortable with doctor’s instructions, you can pursue further consultations. You love your pet, you are worried and you have every right to see several vets to feel assured about their procedures.

Apply medicine – once you have your pet’s diagnosis, you may have to apply some medicine to him prescribed by the doctor. What can you do if you pet refuses to eat let alone take medicine? You can prepare some dense and sweet “pudding”, like very dense chocolate and put the medicine into it. Once it’s cold you can smear it on your pets paw. When it dries it, usually, bothers pets  and even if he or she is sick, they will want to get rid of it – in this way they will eat the medicine you put inside your mixture.

Be considerate – even though we both know your pet loves you like crazy and you love him/her no less, animals often feel slightly endangered when they are sick. This is a natural instinct, hence, to seek isolation or even hide. You want to make your pet feel comfortable and safe at such a difficult time, that’s why you shouldn’t drag him or her from under the bed or from behind the sofa. Give them some space. Sick animals need peace to rest to get better; even though you want to “visit” your pet just like a sick relative or friend he will accompany you when it’s convenient. Let your pet decide.


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