How to Make a Tomato Soup

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Another extremely simple recipe for a quick and delicious soup. It can be served as a soup or used as sauce when mixed with meat – in this case I recommend serving it with boiled eggs or potatoes. Prepare the following ingredients:

Hint: all ingredients used for the preparation of this meal (or any meal for that matter) should be taken out of the fridge around 2 hours before cooking. In this way they regain their natural taste.

1 kg of fresh, average-sized tomatoes

0.5 kg of carrots

2 handfuls of dried parsley

1 small pack of red paprika powder


Salt, pepper, cream


1.       Wash tomatoes and put them inside a spacious container (any pot or bowl),

2.       Boil around two liters of water  and pour it on the tomatoes, make sure they are covered with water to the top,

3.       Wash and peel, if necessary, your carrots

4.       Cut them into small cubes (the shape plays no role, you will smash it later, anyway),

5.       Put your carrots into a pot with cold water and star boiling it

6.       In the meantime, you can already peel your tomatoes from skin

7.       Cut each tomato into several pieces and add all of them to the boiling carrot

8.       Wait until the carrot is soft and the vegetable broth you receive is very dense (up to 40 minutes)

9.       Smash the whole content; add parsley and paprika

10.   You may add additional spices and cream if the soup is too sour

Serve with rice or pieces of fried beef meat.


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