Problems and Inconveniences

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We all experiences problems in life.  Everyday we are faced with odds or seeming obstacles that may hinder our progress.  We feel disappointed, frustrated even paralyzed by the difficulties.  But how exactly do we solve problems? Which ones should we prioritize?

In times of troubles, we often have too many things on our minds that sometimes it is very difficult to choose which one to attend to first.

It is important therefore to sort out the Inconveniences from the Problems.

What are Problems?

When your loved one is very sick and you have no money for the hospital- that is a problem.
When you have no food on the table and you have a family to feed- that too is a problem.
When you see your loved ones deteriorating due to their vices then you have a problem.

Problems are obstacles that demand a lot from you. That do not go away with the passing of time. That you need to ACT ON in order to solve.


Inconveniences are mere distractions. You may need to act on them but they need not take the most of your time. Use your energies to deal with what truly matters. In the grand scheme of things, they do not matter.

I’ve read somewhere that the secret to a happy life is knowing what ‘to overlook’. The secret is in choosing your battles carefully. It is important that you do not act and feel deflated on every inconvenience that come your way.

In short, you do not sweat out the small stuffs. Reserve your energy for the things that truly matter. And you will be better able to tackle them.

So when faced with an obstacle next time, try to figure out if this is just an inconvenience or it is truly a problem. This way you know what to prioritize. And you will not squander your energies on the small stuffs, leaving you drained to face the REAL problems.


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