Seven Techniques to Higher Article Traffic

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Writers write articles for a main purpose – to get their content read and appreciated by others. More often than not, many articles on websites suffer from low readership as seen by low page views, despite having good quality content. Whilst having quality content is a pre-requisite for a well-read article, there are ways in which you can boost traffic views by several multiples. Here are 7 simple techniques in which you can increase your article exposure.

TECHNIQUE 1: Catchy Titles

A catchy title whets the appetite of a reader and draws his attention to the rest of your content. For example, a title “how to get your articles more views and traffic” could be changed to “Explosive Article Traffic and a Million Page Views within 7 days”. Adjectives and numbers give credibility and appeals to readers. Often, controversial titles draw some attention too. For example, “Tips on Giving your Article a Sex Appeal”.

TECHNIQUE 2: Front Page

News on the front page of a newspaper always draw more attention than the ones found in the middle. It is important to create that exposure to write articles that are visible always. Leverage on recent topic trends (recession in 2009 or celebrity gossip) or themes that are found constantly on front pages on article directories.

TECHNIQUE 3: Article Directories

Maximize your readership by publishing your articles to several locations like Helium and Associated Content . Having more places your article can be read, the higher the traffic and views of a single article.


Every internet savvy person sends at least 15 mails in any particular day. Use your email signature to include your latest article you want to promote. If not, you could just send the mail on your article to interested parties and ask them for forward if they found it good. It might provoke some feedback on your article and create a conversation on it as well.

TECHNIQUE 5: Social Bookmarking

There are various social bookmarking sites like Delicious and Digg . Recommended links are always more read than just listing them in search engines. If your article is really original and has great content, it will promote itself as readers recommend it to others.

TECHNIQUE 6: Backlinking

The beauty of writing articles online is that you can create links in them. You can backlink each of your article to another relevant article, yours or a partner’s. A joint partnership would encourage linking to each other and increasing relevant readership. The best way to drive traffic to any of your article is to have an expert in the niche to recommend it to others.

TECHNIQUE 7: Commenting

In some article directories and in most blogs, commenting is allowed. This generates conversation and increases the visibility of your article. You could also search and read relevant articles written by others and comment on them, leaving a link back to your own article for exposure. By sharing your link, other readers would be able to experience a new perspective from the content of your article as well.


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