Can Get-Paid-To Programs Earn You a Decent Income?

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In the recent years especially after the dot-com era that started in the 1990s, there has been growing emphasis that anyone can earn an income online. If one considers the mainstream way of earning an income online (i.e. affiliate marketing, online stores and membership sites), it is a clear “YES” that anyone can earn online.

But what about the other ‘online gigs’ which are more commonplace, less technical and accessible to you and me? These online gigs include survey taking, paid-to-surf and paid-to-click sites. Definitely, they need less expertise and are widely available. And hence so, the likelihood of earning a decent income from them is significantly lower than the niche areas. At the end of the day, is the income earned from these “gigs” considerable enough to pay our bills? I would say it depends. And it depends on the following few factors:


The biggest reason why many people feel discouraged in earning an income from surveys is that they do not have sufficient volume of surveys to take to earn a decent income. It is imperative that one signs up for as many survey sites as possible so as to gain maximum exposure and opportunities to new and well-paid surveys. To reduce the hassle of researching and looking for eligible and non-scam survey sites, numerous people turn to SurveyScout to keep them updated of new opportunities.


One of the biggest criticisms in such online gigs is the low pay rate. This varies from country to country as those in the low-income, developing countries might find the pay rate reasonable. More often than not, people attempt to do a lot of surveys or click on a lot of sites, only to find that the time put in is not worth the effort. It is advantageous to always calculate the payout ratios of each assignment or offerings by the website.


Survey filling can be an absolutely monotonous job especially many of the fields to be entered are similar. It is beneficial to purchase an automation tool like RoboForm (which has a trial version as well) so as to cut down your time spent filling the same thing over and over again. Once survey-filling becomes second nature to you, develop a system in which you can employ to be more efficient.


Many paid-to-click, paid-to-read-emails or paid-to-surf sites like EasyHits4u , EmailCashPro and MySearchFunds have a referral program. It is always good to recommend the programs you truly believe in so that your downline supplements your income as well. In some cases, people have built such a huge downline that it outstrips their earning capacity in working on these gigs fulltime.


Most importantly, earning an income is like any other job. It demands consistency in work and rewards dedication. The idea is to keep working at it until you become very good. So good that doing these online gigs can more than pay your bills.


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