I Have No Regrets

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I have no regrets as I am soaring into the sky for the last time, taking one last spin around this wonderful world I have lived from the moment I have seen the light till the moment I closed my eyes. I dreamed of heaven for a long time and now my dream will come true. I am heading towards my true home, and there in that place there’s no more suffering and my Father lies await for me with open arms.

As I take my last dance around this world which has given me everything I need, I will open my arms in jubilation. I have lived my life and I have no regrets. I bid my farewell by wishing peace and happiness even knowing that it’s not going to happen so easily. I pray with my last breath that this world of suffering will change for my brothers and sisters thru God’s Holy blood that was spilled to wash our sins and clean humanity to open the passage to heaven where our true Father is waiting for us.

As I am passing every inch of the world I see pain and suffering and my brothers and sisters are calling towards heaven for help. I can’t stop crying and praying to our dearest God to stop the agony for it twisted my heart. My tears keep falling down as it is making its right passage for people to find peace and happiness in this lonely world.

I have no regrets how I lived my life, though my body have given up my spirit. My soul is still young and eager to enjoy every part of life. Though my body has been returned to the ground where it rightfully belongs, my soul can’t be covered with dirt. It can’t be captured by evil. It is free as a bird soaring higher and higher to heaven towards my true home, where my true family, together with the angels, are waiting for me with songs of welcome flooding my heart with joy and ecstasy.

I have no regrets as my body is resting in peace. My spirit is still alive and bursting with so much life. I am just like a seed that needs to die in order to be born again to bring fruits and bring fulfillment to the true meaning of living, dying, and a searching for a life that never ends.

I have no regrets and never will I have them. My body is dead but my soul has given the future a new passage to be saved by our Heavenly Father. I am just a small speck in this universe, without a name but with a full heart filled with joy and willing to share it with the world one more time before I take one last look at the world I have lived in. I am ready to take my last journey towards the heavens above where our true family has been waiting for me and you!


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