Late Christmas Shopping Ideas for Maximum Savings

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If you want to save up to 75 per cent of your Christmas shopping budget, wait till a few hours before the stores’ scheduled closing time. Some stores close an hour before Christmas Eve. Big names like Macy’s stay opened round the clock. ABC News reported that 13 stores in the east coast and Midwest are staying open around the clock. Some shopping malls and stores in different locations around the world are also operating around the clock.

What you can do before rushing to your nearby store is to complete and finalize your shopping list. You will have to do it fast in order to beat the scheduled closing time. You’re lucky if there are stores operating around the clock in your area because you can go easy, stress-free shopping.

There is a very good chance that merchants will try to unload their inventories before the season ends. With the economy down and with a bleak economic forecast for the incoming year, retailers will do everything to unload their merchandise and stay liquid rather than maintain huge inventories that they are not sure if they can sell after the holidays.

In other Christian countries across the globe, Christmas is observed and celebrated until first week of January. Giving and receiving Christmas gifts happen even after Christmas day celebrations, although gifts are normally given on Christmas day. Recipients wouldn’t mind getting gifts even after Christmas day.

If gifts are meant for close friends or relatives, they may be given even after Christmas day. So why not take your time and get the biggest discounts you can have from stores that sell at almost give-away prices just so they can get rid of those unwanted inventories. Or why not wait for a post-Christmas sale which happens right after Christmas day and last until the end of the year.

Again, if you are pressed for time or just don’t have much money to spare, wait a while and look around in your area, chances are your friendly neighborhood store will surprise you with their real give-away deals.

Another plus for post Christmas shopping is the relative ease in doing your shopping chores because there are less people in the stores which will allow you to move around freely. Also, the sales people in the stores are less stressed out and they are nice and easy to deal with especially if you haggle for additional discounts.

Merry Christmas and happy shopping!


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