Why Anyone Should Consider Working at Home

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WORKING AT HOME does have a certain sense of appeal to most people. It paints a picture of comfort and extreme flexibility. Whilst the truth is not far from that, working from home still demands a certain level of discipline and commitment to the assignments you receive, whether you are still employed by a firm or that you are working as a freelancer .

Working at home as a global trend will continue to extend its reach to more and more people, especially with the aid of improving technology and communication methods. If you are given the option of choosing whether to stick to the regular nine-to-five or to work at home, here are some of the perks of the latter you might want to consider.

PERK 1: Dress Code

Working at home allows you to work in any attire unless you have a video teleconference to attend. No more company dress protocols to follow and you get to open your email in your pajamas. Working in comfort takes on a new meaning.

PERK 2: Commuting time

Your hour-long daily commuting time will shrink to a two-minute stroll from your bed to your computer desktop. Not to mention that you get to avoid all the traffic jams and impatient horn blasts before and after work. Not only you save time but also you don’t have to practice anger management in the middle of a congested expressway.

PERK 3: Time Flexibility

Working at home allows you to avoid the lunch rush hour, eat when you want, do your household chores if you bored at work and even run your errands at non-peak periods.

PERK 4: Work for your Passion

If you are a freelancer or run your own business, you can work for your own passion in the comfort of your home. Instead of meeting the demands of your employer you set your own targets, earn what you require and do what you like to do.

PERK 5: Scalability

Besides being flexible in terms of time, some employers allow you to set your own pace of work according to your needs, as long as the particular assignment gets done. Working at home allows you to scale the amount of work you need to do in a particular time frame. You can scale your efforts when demand is high so that you earn sufficient dough when the demand is low. And when demand is low, you could take a good break from work and enjoy a holiday or pursue other interests.

PERK 6: Cost Saving

Working at home saves a lot for both employer and employee. Office supplies and space costs drops; traveling costs will be minimal. It is environmentally friendly as well.

PERK 7: Family Friendly

Many people give up their careers because they regard family as an integral part of their lives. Working at home allows people sufficient flexibility to let work revolve around family instead of the other way around. In short, working from home truly brings you closer to home.


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