Why Kiwi fruit is so good?

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Among the fruits, Kiwi fruit is very unique as it contains complete elements required by human’s body. As Kiwi fruit is rich in nutrients, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and fiber, it is regarded as a very special fruit.

A research from Taiwan Medical University shows that Kiwi fruits can stimulate intestine’s movement, and improve constipation as well. The researchers discovered that 45 % of the patients suffering from constipation showed improvement of the intestine’s condition after consuming Kiwi fruit for four weeks.

They also discovered that Kiwi fruit contains a very high proportion of fiber. In 100 gram of bananas, the fiber is 1.6 gram but in Kiwi fruit, its fiber is 3.4 gram. With a high content of fiber, Kiwi fruit can increase good bacteria in the intestines, and later strengthening the absorption’s ability of intestine.

Previous studies also revealed that Kiwi fruit can improve the quality of sleep. This is because Kiwi fruit contains high calcium.  It is hardly to find any fruits with highest calcium. But, you will be surprising to find that Kiwi fruit has lots of calcium. If you consume one kiwi fruit one hour before sleep, you will have good quality sleep. Besides, Kiwi fruit can stabilize your mood, too. However, for the elderly people with slow digestion, it is recommended to consume Kiwi fruit one hour and a half before sleep.

To ensure your body obtains suffice nutrients like vitamins, minerals and enzymes; it is advisable to consume one to three Kiwi fruits a day, so that you can replenish your body with essential nutrients.

Knowing that Kiwi fruit is so good for our health, we should consume Kiwi fruit. However, pregnant mothers and those with allergic reactions are not encouraged to eat Kiwi fruit.


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