Ways To Help Ride Out The Recession

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A lot of people are losing their jobs and might not have a lot of money to spend like they used to, so here are some tips on how to get the things you want for less and still have a good holiday season.

Of course one thing you can do is wait until after Christmas. When you wait until after Christmas you could find toys, jewelry, and other items 40% – 50% off, or more. You should purchase Christmas items such as ornaments and wrapping paper for the next holiday season because they will also be on sale . The reason why is because people mostly get ornaments one time of the year and sores are trying to get rid of the extra merchandise . Some people that got ornaments after the previous Christmas holiday now have more money to spend this Christmas.

Another effective idea is to go to all of the stores that are going out of business. You can get clothes from stores that have certain locations closing such as Ann Taylor. Here is a list of stores that are closing locations or closing all their stores:

·        Ann Taylor (closing 117 stores)

·        Catherine, Lane Bryant , and Fashion Bug (150 total store closings

·        Foot Locker (closing 140 stores)

·        Macy’s (closing 9 stores)

·        Pacific Sunwear (closing 154 demo stores)

·        Pep Boys (closing 31 stores)

·        Sprint Nextel (closing 125 retail stores )

·        Wilson the Leather Experts (closing 160 stores)

·        Zales (closing 105 stores)

·        Circuit City (closing all stores)

·        Bombay company (closing all stores)

·        Sharper Image (closing 90 stores)

·        Talbots (closing 78 stores)

·        Ethan Allen (closing 12 stores)

·        Linens N Things (closing 120 stores)

·        Disney Stores (closing 98 stores)

·        Pier 1 Imports (closing 25 stores)

·        Friedman’s Jewelers (closing 120 stores)

·        Dell (closing 140 stores)

·        Rite Aid (closing 28 stores)

·        Saks Fifth Avenue (closing 1 stores)

·        Wickes Furniture (closing 38 stores)

·        Sofa Express (closing 44 stores)

·        Levitz Furniture (closing 76 stores)

·        Kirklands (closing 30 to 130)

·        Big Dollar (closing 10 stores)

·        Singrid Olsen (closing 54 stores)

·        Jasmine Sola (closing 23 stores)

If you are in need of furniture than this might be one of the best times to get it. Furniture stores are also closing locations and might have a big sale. If you plan on getting furniture in a few months, it might be better to get the furniture now. By the time you try to get the furniture it could be too late. The store could have already been liquidated. If you are trying to get a car this is ac good time. Some dealerships are giving a $13,000 discount.

The stores that are listed are going to close no matter what. If don’t take advantage of the recession you could end up paying more and you would probably regret it.


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