Useless Facts are What I Live For

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Music is my addiction.
Art is my love.
Traveling is my goal in life.
Life should have a soundtrack and people should have theme songs.
Friends make me happy.
Friends make me cry.
Love is beautiful.
Ignorant, small minded, vapid people make me wanna vomit.
iPods are going to take over the world.
Shoes are pointless, in my world we are all barefoot walking in clover.
Politics lie.
Math gets me confused.
Feminist want to be men.
The H2 is stupid.
Orange Juice makes up 1000% of me.
Directions get me lost.
On rainy nights i sleep like a champ.
I’v found that words don’t make sense after you repete them over and over.
Who doesn’t wanna be a pirate?
Ive got a utopia that i live in inside my head.
AIDS and the common cold are man made diseases.
Reality checks hurt.
Opinions i value.
Old couples out to sunday lunch i admire.
Pinky and the Brain is the best cartoon of all times.
People are fascinating.
Football is over rated.
Chess is for winners.
I’m generally in love with all things Euro.
Philosophies and theories are always brewing in my head.
Organization doesn’t come easily for me.
Laughing is the remedy.
Cold weather is my favorite kind.
Foreign cars rock (Audi and Bugattie really rock).
Being random is all i know.
Religion makes me think segregation so being spiritual is what i claim.
Living is a high.
Useless facts are what i live for.


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