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Stefan Daniel Bell-Musician, Fine Artist, Fashion Designer, Performance Artist. 

Stefan is an interesting artist and dear friend whom I have had the pleasure to be around for many years watching him grow through numerous career paths. His latest inspiration is music he started messing around on his computer in garageband about a year ago as one form of meditation. Purely by accident he was able to use garageband in a way that I have never seen before. He played for me his first couple songs and I was in sure aural bliss. I told him his medium has found him. Music flows through him like blood. I urged him to keep creating and to share them with the world. When he first set out creating music it was for him it was his personal way of letting go. After many samples of work and sharing them within his close circle he was convinced to start working on an album. Several times a week I get a call from him at all hours of the day from him wanting to share his newest song. The passion, excitement that exudes from his voice is amazing he is so moved by his creations that sometimes they consume him for hours if not days. I had the opportunity to live with him for about a month in which he would work on the same song all day he would come running to me like a giddy little kid wanting to show off what he has done even at the risk of driving me mad. Numerous times he would beg me to listen “just one more time” I recall several occasions he would slowly wake me at 3 am to allow me to sample his work. I love his energy, his enthusiasm for his work it is nice to see that there are still people out there that can get passionate about something. So much now I see the world just desensitized with the latest horror in the world. 

Enough about Stefan himself now on to the music. His range of talents astound me. He can go from an old english folk song to a rock song and back again all in the same song. His music hits people on so many levels. I have actually known people driven to tears by his messages. However his music does not reach everyone. He is not sure how he did it but his music has become a voice for Generation Y(Typically defined as those born between 1978 and 2000) most people out of that age range dont really get his music it doesnt make sense to them. No matter who you are I think you should check him out.

He can be found on Myspace at or facebook under Stefan Daniel Bell. He has numerous new projects that I have been made aware of that will astound you and touch you if you enjoy his music. I have been so thankful that I have been apart of his creative process and hope that you too will enjoy his music. 


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