Make Friends With Your Guy’s Friends

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Find out what they like to do and get good at it. Pool? Darts? Golf? If you can get good enough to play the game, they will appreciate it. You will also have something to do as a group, if your guy wants you to hang out with them.

Drink beer not cosmopolitans. Fancy martinis and fruity cocktails are the epitome of wimpy girl drinks. Try to order something a little more manly (obviously make sure you like it). Scotch, whiskey, and of course beer are all excellent choices. Drinking is bonding and relaxing as a group.

Don’t sit there like a lump but don’t be overly loud or obnoxious. Men will remark on these things later to your guy. Be relaxed but don’t try to impress them with jokes you thought were funny inside your head…

Don’t gossip. Never ever gossip. Men hate talking about Shirley’s new boyfriend and why he is wrong for her. Remember, guys hardly ever prattle or chatter, that simply isn’t how they communicate.

Be prepared for some friendly jesting. If they are comfortable with you, get ready for some teasing. Take it like a lady and don’t be afraid to throw it back their way. Never take it seriously! It means they like you.

Don’t be all over your man. A friendly touch here and there is all you need. The last thing he wants is for them to think he has a needy, clingy girlfriend. You can be chill, and he will definitely appreciate it.

Don’t get offended. There is inevitably more burping, farting, cursing, and generally rude conversation when men spend time together. That is just how they are. You don’t need to participate, but don’t be surprised when you see a side of your guy that you have never seen before.

Don’t overstay your welcome. If you were there just to get drinks with them, then leave it at that. They want to spend time with your boyfriend and hopefully tell him how awesome you are. This way, you’re never “that girl who is always taking up Mike’s time.”


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