Common Sense in Feeding your Dog a Raw Food Diet

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Initially, I stood in the same shoes you now stand in, while you’re reading this.  I was curious, nervous, and upset by the thought that following a modern-day faux pas such as feeding kibble could be killing my dog.  I, like you are now, had to find out what the quiet rebellion of feeding real food to my dog was all about.

Before I could even bring myself to research it, I had to use some cold, hard logic to convince myself that feeding kibble just is not natural.  It’s simply a modern acceptable practice.  I observed my own dogs become unwell, but their symptoms were ones that, if human, would be treated with food and nutrition.  Illnesses such as constipation, diarrhea, bad breath and upset tummy plagued my dogs on a continual basis.  I asked tough questions of myself, bringing in some common sense, as I examined what my dogs were living through.  Could nutrition and real food, rather than processed “stuff” from kibble makers fix my dog’s ailments as easily as proper nutrition fixed my own ailments? What’s really in that kibble?  Who wins if I do feed my dogs that stuff, if it’s not my dogs or myself?

Over time, I started applying the nutritional remedies my family nutritionalist recommended, for the humans, on my dogs.  First with upset tummy, I administered peppermint tea and ginger tea.  The tummy problems and vomiting swiftly diminished from a nightly event to an unusual occurrence.  I fed my dogs pumpkin for both constipation and diarrhea.  In both cases, the ailment (or, as we call in in our family, dis-ease) disappeared.  Food did, indeed, take care of quite a few of their bodies’ problems.

It made sense, when I stopped to think about it, that what was good for humans was also good for dogs.  There was a lot of research in the human world about nutrition and healthy eating that, historically, was gleaned from testing on animals.  I decided that, if humans could test on animals to get benefits, animals should be able to use the results of the tests, too!

After thinking the possibilities through, I determined that my own dogs should be eating what I myself should be eating.  After all, it was those tests on animals which led humans to figure out that they needed to take a close look at their nutrition and, further, led humans to search for specific atoms and chemical interactions which give us medication.

My findings were:

  1. What’s good for humans is good for dogs.

  2. Foods heal.

  3. Nutrition keeps illness at bay.

  4. Tests on animals should also benefit animals.

  5. Kibble makes my dog feel unwell.

  6. Home remedies recommended by nutritionalists work wonderful for dogs.

Based on those common sense observations, it no longer made sense to feed kibble.  I moved my own dogs to a raw food, real food, diet and they’ve never been more healthy.  I recommend the move to everyone who has dogs as family members for the many benefits seen in our pack’s health levels, energy levels, and happiness levels!

For more information about how I care for my dogs, please visit or search the site you’re on now for more articles I’ve written.

Disclosure Statement:  I am not a veterinarian; I do not diagnose medical issues, offer medical advice, prescribe drugs, or perform surgery.  I am a freelance journalist writing about my experiences with my own dogs , incorporating many different complimentary tools found for my own dogs to overcome potential health concerns I have for them. I have been keeping a journal of my findings since July of 1996; I have been privileged to work with several hundred other canines and their families in a wide range of life situations as of the writing of this statement and will gladly provide references should you desire them. Your dog(s) may benefit from the care I’ve provided my own dogs, based on knowledge gained through this experience, courses taken/taught, and animal communication. My role is that of facilitator, assisting you and your dog(s) to attain or maintain a naturally healthy state. The specific results you may see, should you decide to try some of what we’ve done in our family, will be different for each animal. In addition to the articles I write and publish, I also teach massage, Usui Reiki, Quantum Touch, and Animal Communication to owners, caretakers, and practitioners; sell products for animals in these and other holistic and vibrational modalities; provide references to other animal communicators and practitioners.


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