How to prevent kittens/cats from ruining your Christmas tree

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do you hate when you come home that you find your Christmas tree on the floor, your ornaments broken due to your cat jumping into it trying to reach all those shiny balls,bows,lights,etc.well here is some hepul information to prevent those kittens or cats from ruining your christmas tree this year.

avoid putting your tree where you know the cats will be throughout the whole day. If they have there own room, it would be even better for you and your tree! when setting up your tree avoid putting all ornaments, lights etc, at the bottom of the tree.

after assembling your tree make sure all the lights are tied up securely and put the tree skirt above the light cords making sure the cat won’t chew through or play with the cords because they can get electrocuted and or strangle themselves.

spray the entire tree with a bottles worth of the Smartykat scratch not spray which you an get at Target or Wal-mart for under $10. this is not bullet-proof though, you also need to keep an eye if you stay at home during the day, when you are asleep, its a good idea to make sure all your cat or cats are in a separate room away from destroying throughout the night and wake up to a Christmas nightmare!

reminder: this infrmation/advce gien abve is not 100% efective, you do need to keep a watchful eye as with any pet


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